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Back office

Funds, partnerships, co-investors can all be captured in eVenture. eVenture provides many investing structures as standard; including Limited Partnerships, Fund of Funds, and evergreen Co-investment schemes. Investors and potential investors in any of these are captured in detail and can be marketed to. All address information is held in the Contacts module allowing the use of standard mail merge and email merge tools.


A comparison report pack is offered as standard. There are strong data analytics with graphing on demand. eVenture provides nearly 200 reports which includes a rich selection of graphs. Reports in the system will work once data has been populated but, in addition, many can be user modified and saved for reuse. This eliminates the need for custom report writing.  

Report Packs

Reports can be grouped into a user-definable pack. Commentaries in the pack can be added through a direct link with a MS Word document.

Raise funds

Allows logging conversations and other interactions  with potential investors, dealing with correspondence and tracking status.