Contacts: Kinetic includes a class leading relationship management system with an integrated facility for electronic filing.

Interactions are at the heart of a Kinetic system. With Kinetic, your contacts can be linked to deals or investments. Dialling a number from an iPhone is obvious and immediate. Need to see the location on a map? Just click the Google map link. Standard exports support mail merge and emailing directly from the application. With offline capability, your information can travel with you. Even on a plane.

Deals: With up to five user definable deal stages as standard and over 40 fields for data capture, it is easy to keep on top of deal flow with Kinetic.

The deal module tracks prospective investments from first meeting through each stage until rejection or an investment is made. You can set your own options on the type of data and which stages to track. Use your own terminology and set up workflow to suit. Rejections can be linked to a predefined email response and upon investment, core information is automatically transferred to a new investment entity.

Investments:  Capture investment background as well as cost and valuation. Analyse portfolio risk by location, industry type or currency. See results instantly on a graph.

Working with investments in a Kinetic system is different. Relevant information can be captured easily, and just as with contacts and deals, the focus is on the latest news. Use Kinetic to share Investment information across the globe on different devices.

Offline: Kinetic can work even without an internet connection. Go offline when you want and synchronise data when you need to.

Every Kinetic license allows a user to work offline on their preferred device. This could be a Windows PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone. You simply choose to go offline and the system will transfer the latest information to your device. You can synchronise information with the main system when you want to, and when you are ready, just elect to go back online again.