You can decide on the quality of information you want to keep updated. Our interactions module allows notes, documents and emails to be associated with any record. Each interaction is dated and can be assigned a topic and type.

Email filing

Emails, notes and documents can be remotely filed against information held within Kinetic. Emails can be sent directly into Kinetic and attached to a record via an interaction.

See alerts

Overdue interactions can be seen within the interaction, but also visible on the record it is linked too.


Meeting notes and documents can be linked to any record in Kinetic, making it easy to track your communication.

All communications

Drill down to see groups of Interactions. See all of the interactions linked to a group of records.

Linked documents

Share information with colleagues by storing any type of documentation against a record.

Common tasks

Use keywords to carry out common activities list Filing documents, sending emails and adding interactions.