iNsight, our data analytics tool, goes beyond Business Intelligence. It offers dashboards and charts that work using live information as well as built-in analysis tools to drill down into the detail that is often so important. Everything is interactive. Crafted for your eVenture system, iNsight brings flexibility, an easy to use approach and attention to detail to our software.

Built in charts

Comparative Investment Performance, Top 10 Introducers by Company, Point in time: Contacts by Country, Full realised Investment returns, Time series: Investment by Area, Point in time: Deals by Currency, Active Deals by Stage, Time series: Deals by type, Deals by Sector, and many more.

Your lists

List view selections can be created to suit your requirements for reporting or analysing data. The selections can be used in iNsight charts.

Flexing dates

How the data is displayed can be change once a chart has been chosen. Date ranges, chart types, or even the selections of data the chart is based on.

Drill down

Drill down to see highlights of each segment.

Other layouts

What is displayed and how it is displayed is up to you, using iNsight Templates.

Instantly analyse

Any grouped list within eVenture can be displayed in chart form with one click. The chart can also be saved to be rerun when required.