The deal log module tracks prospective investments from first meeting through each stage until and investment is made or the deal is rejection. You can set your own options on specific stages to track.

Contacts to Deals

The lining toll allows you to associate a person to a deal. Link Position can also be defined for each organisation.

Define deal stages

Up to 9 user-definable stages are available

Analytical charts

Used with the iNsight module, charts available include deals by stage, top 10 introducers, deals by region,or by sector and may more.

Track outcome

Outcome can be categorised. The reason for rejection is captured for analysis.

Deal teams

Automatically assign deals to teams when they are created.

Instant Charts

Create charts from a list of grouped data, with just one click.


Define workflow to include “If then” statements. Experiment on screen and publish to colleagues when ready.